Cheese & Wine Tour per person


Cheese & Wine Tour per person


Join us for a tour of the vineyard followed by a portfolio wine tasting of five of our 'Hindleap' wines matched with five delicious cheeses from our friends at High Weald Dairy.

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Wine and cheese is a winning combination and no matter your taste preferences, you'd feta believe there's a combination to suit! We've done the hard work in advance and partnered with the award-winning High Weald Dairy to identify some perfect English Sparkling wine and English cheese combinations. 

Join us for a fun and informative vineyard tour and winery visit to learn how English Sparkling Wine is made, before a tutored tasting of our ‘Hindleap’ sparkling wines matched to High Weald Dairy cheeses including the iconic Brighton Blue.

The tour includes:
• A tour of our beautiful vineyard, where Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grape varieties are grown
• A tour of our winery and an insight into the sparkling wine making process
• Tutored pairing of four amazing sparkling wine and cheese combinations
• A relaxed introduction on how to match different wines to cheeses
• The chance to purchase the wine and cheeses paired on the day