Looking for inspiration for Christmas Food & Wine Pairing?  We asked our winemaker, Kevin Sutherland for some tips.

The key to food and wine matching is to assess the basic components of each and then to find a balance between the key characteristics so that they don’t overpower each other.  In general the acidity of sparkling wines make them great for matching with slightly fatty or sweet foods as the acidity cuts through in the way a lemon can cut through and cleanse the palate when eating smoked salmon.

Seyval Blanc 2013: a superb aperitif; but the slight sweetness also balances well with salt making it a great match for blue cheeses such as stilton.

Rosé 2013: This dry sparkling Rosé makes an excellent match with smoked salmon or high quality smoked ham canapés, but will also pair well with fruity desserts with a touch of acidity - think strawberry and almond crumble or raspberry pannacotta.

Blanc de Blancs 2014: the acidity in the wine, combined with delicate fruit flavours and a creamy finish, makes it a perfect pairing for Dover sole, scallops, fish and chips.
Winemaker's Classic 2010: The nutty, fruity notes, vibrant acidity and creamy texture of this wine make it a perfect match for dishes with butter and beurre blancs sauces.
Late-Disgorged Blanc de Blancs 2008:
Indulge yourself! The bubbles provide the perfect textural contrast to the smooth velvety texture of oysters or the richness of lobster.